Grapple Truck Services

55 Yard Truck Available

  Do you have yard waste that has been cut down but now don’t know what to do with it? Well, we can help! And the best part is we load the debris for you. No need for a bobcat or laborers. We handle all it for you! 55-yard claw grapple truck available for your yard waste removal needs. This truck is huge and our crew are trained to pack it in so you get your money’s worth.    Load must be ready to load, in one or two piles and access that we can get a large truck in without having any problems with getting stuck on sandy soil, power lines, big ditches, fence, or septic tanks.  Your yard waste will be brought to MW Horticulture Recycling where we recycle 100% of the debris and turn it into organic compost or native mulch so you can feel good about removing your trees and plants. 

We can Pickup 155 Yards at Once!

   Do you have a big job? No problem, we also have 100-yard tractor trailers. The tractor trailer needs to be loaded by the grapple truck. It also needs a large area for maneuvering, but we can grab 155 yards at a time, if needed.