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 MW Horticulture Recycling Facility is the premier leader in making Compost Organically in Fort Myers and North Fort Myers through yard waste disposal.   We are  a  family owned & operated  DEP licensed horticulture recycling waste management facility with 2 locations  in Lee County, along with a landscape supply & garden depot.  We also produce top soil in Fort Myers at great prices.  We have the equipment on site to recycle 100% of the material we take in using state of the art Vermeer trammel screeners and Powerscreen Warrier screeners along with Vermeer tub and horizontal grinders.  No materials leaves our site without being recycled first.  We don't add any bio solids, manure or pretreated wood  or any other foreign objects to our compost, top soil or mulch and our products are created from yard debris only.  Our material has been approved to be used  on Certified Organic Farms and MW Horticulture Organic Compost is OMRI Listed.  University of Florida's Soil Testing Laboratory has said that our Nutrient Values are Well Above Average. Our Compost has high levels of Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnessium and Calcium.  This compost is great for your backyard garden or organic farm.  Our Organic Compost is great for the environment and do not leach into our Southwest Florida waterways.  You can feel good about getting organic matter into your landscape and garden beds and being a good steward of our local environment.  We are a family run business and  every visit you will meet the staff that keeps our quality high and our customer service superior.