Plants & Seeds Available at Our Landscape Supply Depot

Plant Pricing

Fennel (Edible) $2    

Lemon Grass (Edible)  $2    

Nasturtiun (Edible) $2    

Parsley, Italian (Edible) $2    

Rosemary (Edible) $2    

5in Sage $3.35    

5in Thyme, English $3.35    

Lemon Grass (Edible) 1g $4    

Milkweed 1g $4    

Everglades Cherry Tomato (Edible) 1g $5    

Jamacian Sorrel (Edible)  1g $5    

Okinawa Spinach (Edible) 1g $5    

Pigeon Pea (Edible)  1g $5    

Porter Weed  1g $5    

Citronella 1g $6    

Moringa (Edible) 3g $6    

American Beauty Berry (Edible)  3g $8    

Coco Plum (Edible) 3g $8    

LSU Purple Fig (Edible) 3g $8    

Simpson's Stopper (Edible) 3g $8    

Firebush 3g $10    

Porter Weed  3g $10    

South Seas Salad Tree (Edible) 3g $12    

Coral Honeysuckle 3g $14    

Strawberry Tree (Edible) 3g $15    

Sweet Almond  3g $18    

Ice Cream Banana (Edible) 3g $20    

Purple Possum Passionfruit (Edible) 3g $20    

T.R. Hovey Papaya (Edible) 3g $20    

Barbados Cherry (Edible) 7g $25    

Purple Possum Passionfruit mature (Edible) 3g $25    

Meyer Lemon (Edible)  10g $51    

Nagami Kumquat (Edible) 10g $51    

Persian Lime (Edible) 10g $51    

Red Lime (Edible) 10g $51    

Eureka Lemon (Edible)  30g  $145    

FL Haas   Avocado (Edible) 30g $145    

Valencia   Pride Mango (Edible) 30g $145     

Call 239-332-1188 ext 301 for availability or to reserve a plant. 

16450 Old US 41 Fort Myers, FL 33912 

Seeds In Stock Now

All Seeds are $2.50 each

Mammoth Sunflowers

Beach Sunflower (Cucumber Leaf)

Louisiana Long Green Eggplant

Rosa Bianca Eggplant

White Beauty Eggplant

Ping Tung Long Eggplant

Serrano Tampiqueno Hot Pepper

Jalapeno Hot Pepper

Habenero Hot Pepper

Cayenne Long Red Hot Pepper

Chinese Five Color Hot Pepper

Anaheim Chile Hot Pepper

Ashe County Pimento Sweet Pepper

Carolina Wonder Sweet Bell Pepper

Sweet Banana Pepper

Sweet Pepper Purple Beauty

Aji Dulce Spice Pepper

Hunganan Paprika Spice Pepper

Hybrid Okra

Clemson Spineless Okra

Hill Country Heirloom Red Okra

Burgundy Okra

Everegreen Hardy White Bunching Onion

Southern Giant Curled Mustard Greens

Georgia Green Collards

Mayo Indian Grain Amaranth

Golden Purslane Greens

Catalogna Chicory Greens

Seminole Pumpkin

Cucuzzi (zuchetta, guinea bean)

Spinach Summer, New Zealand

Green Malabar Spniach

Red Malabar Summer Spniach

Jewels of Opar (fame flower)

Marigold, Red Gem

Marigold, Lemon Gem

Tashkent #1 French Marigold 

Liana Asparagus Bean

Everglades Wild Cherry Tomato


Container Gardening Basics

The benefits are many- you can control the soil, the temperature, the sunlight and the pests! Learn the basics and create a beautiful garden, no matter how tiny the available space is. 

Container Selection

   Containers made from any material will work (plastic, terra cotta, glazed, wood, stone, self-watering) as long as they have good drainage!

 Choose the right size for the plant- best size up as needed. 

Plant Selection

Almost anything can be grown in a container!

 Consider height, color and texture if you combine plants. 

Potting Mixes

 What are the ingredients? Look for Peat Moss, Perlite, Vermiculite, Compost (soil)

How to Plant Correctly?

Moisten first

Don’t compact too much

 Leave 1” from the top



 Too Little? Too much? Before adding more water, feel the soil with your finger one inch below  the surface. If it is dry at the depth, its time to water. 


Slow Release fertilizers are the best


Most container plants benefit from repotting every few years.