Meet Team MW

Gary & Arlette Spaniak

Gary and Arlette are not only the owners, but provide great insight in operating a local, family business a d giving back to the community. 

Mark & Denise Houghtaling

Mark and Denise joined the family business with a intensive background in the sitework and waste industries. 

Arlette Bransfield

Arlette joined the family business young while continuing to earn her degree in Accounting and keeps all the financials solid. 

Lee Trevino

Lee joined MW early on and he comes to us with an intensive background in construction management. He started out as a loader operator and has grown into manager of our South Yard. 

Billie Jo Bransfield

Billie Jo joined the family business while continuing her Bachelor's Degree and has become a great asset in Marketing and Scheduling. 

Nick Welch

Nick comes to us with extensive land clearing experience and has grown into manager of offsite grinding and clearing. 

Brittney Bransfield

Brittney aka "Luke's Mommy" joined the family business and helps with customer relations, scheduling, and sales/ marketing. 

Sean Paradise

 Sean comes to us with immense grapple truck and management experience. He is a great asset to our trucking division! 

Jason Ready

Jason aka Doughboy comes to us with a long history of driving, safety, and maintenace experience. 

Ricky Burns

Ricky comes to us with a background in equipment operation and is training on many of our machines. 




Tonya Paradise