Garden Soils & Mulch

Organic Compost


  MW Horticulture Organic Compost is now OMRI Listed! Our compost carries the certified compost seal of approval by the United States Composting Council- We are the only private compost producer in Lee County to have this approval. MW Horticulture Organic Compost is also QCS approved. QCS is the agency that regulates what soil you can use on organic farms.  This material is created, by 100% horticulture composting - What does this mean? This means we only use yard trimmings, brush, plants, etc. to make our compost. NO BIO SOLIDS are used!!  Beautiful screened organic composted - 1/2" screens for the best possible outcome.  High levels of Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium, and Calcium - typically no additional fertilizer will be needed.  


Veggie Blend


 Catering for Vegetable Gardens in Raised Bed and Containers- this formula is what is recommended by the Square Foot Gardening Association. We mix our beautiful rich, dark compost with Canadian peat moss and vermiculite or perlite for proper water moisture management in raised garden beds and containers. 

Planting/ Potting Soil


  MW Horticulture Recycling makes an organic planting potting soil from organic compost and native mulch. It’s a great blend for ornamentals, whether in the ground or in a pot. Adding organic matter is so important with Florida’s sandy soils. It’s suggested you add at least 20% organic matter, but the more you add the better your results will be.   

Acidic Soil


 This soil blend has a lower pH, approximately 4.5 to 5 pH.  It is the perfect blend of Perlite, Peat Moss and Organic Compost.  It is perfect for potted acidic loving plants, such as blueberries, miracle fruit, gardenias and figs.  

Citrus Soil


  Do you want the best soil mixture for growing your citrus & fruit trees in pots? Well, this is the soil blend you need. We got this soil mix direct from the growers – who have to have the highest and most fruit production in order to sell the most fruit possible.  It’s the perfect blend of peat moss, vermiculite, perlite and MW Horticulture Organic Compost.   

Nursery Soil


  MW Horticulture Recycling makes an organic nursery soil blend from organic compost and organic peat moss. All products used in making this nursery blend is OMRI Listed.  It’s a great blend for ornamentals, flowering plants and fruit trees grown in a pot. Adding organic matter is so important with Florida’s sandy soils and MW Horticulture Organic Compost is not only OMRI Listed but also Certified Compost & QCS approved. This is the blend that the local nurseries use.   

Mixed Mulch


 Mixed Mulch - Mixed Mulch is made from various trees and yard waste.  This is ground material. Size of material and type of material will vary dramatically.  There could be some leaves or greenery in mulch as well as some dirt.  This is great for ground cover or if you are trying to build your soil.  Due to the different types of materials and sizes, this may be hard to work with but it is the most economical.   

Value Mulch


 Value Mulch is made from Hardwood Trees only, such as Pine & Oak. This is ground once and the pieces are on the larger side. They will be about double the size that you see in the boxed store brand bagged mulch. This will last longer but if you are doing a smaller area, it may be a little bit more difficult to work with. This is great for a thicker bed, such as 4” or more. 

Premium Mulch


 Premium Mulch is made from Hardwood Trees only, such as Pine & Oak. This is a twice ground material that will look similar to the box store bagged mulch but will not be dyed or colored. It is a natural native mulch, ready to install in your decorative planter beds and will very appealing. This is perfect for a 2” to 4” thick planter bed. It will be easy to work with and easy to install. 

Screened TopSoil


 MW Horticulture takes grass scrapings and other organic matter and screens out the debris that is 1/2" or bigger.  This material has not gone through our compost process but is great for filling in low spots in your yard and for using in final or rough grades.  It's a nice dark soil and has some nutrient values.  

UnScreened Top Soil


This material is a good basic fill dirt- good for filling in large or deep holes. It may contain rocks and/or sod. 

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