Frequently Asked Questions


What is your compost made out of?

Our Organic Compost is made out of yard debris only including brush, yard trimmings, and plants. We do not add any bio-solids or chemicals to our product. 

How many square feet are in one yard?

There are 27 cubic feet per yard of material. 

What material do you sell by the bag?

We sell compost and all of our garden soil blends by the yard. At this time, we do not sell our topsoil by the bag. 

Do you bag your mulch?

We can bag the mulch upon request. 

How big are your soil bags?

Our compost is sold in a 1 cubic foot bag. Our other soil blends are sold in 1.75 cubic foot bags. 

How many days in advance do we need to order soil?

Most of our materials are ready upon request. However, for delivery of materials it is best to call 1-2 days ahead.